The Devils

Text Elizabeth Egloff
Direction Garland Wright

May 2, 1997—June 22, 1997

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In Ukraine in the 1870’s, a group of revolutionaries struggling for change find their biggest challenge to be themselves.  An exploration of a timeless question: how do we fight authority in a world where change seems impossible?

Set Design Douglas Stein
Costume Design Susan Hilferty
Lighting Design James F. Ingalls
Original Music & Sound Design David Van Tieghem
Stage Manager Charles Means
Casting Direction Peggy Adler

with Michael Arkin, Bill Camp, Lynn Cohen, James Colby, Mary Ellen Cravens, Randy Danson, Patrice Johnson, Patrick Kerr,Christopher McCann, Boris McGiver, Denis O’Hare, Nathalie Paulding, Frank Raiter, Kali Rocha, Ray Anthony Thomas

A Question of Mercy

Text David Rabe
Direction Douglas Hughes
Based upon the essay by Richard Selzer

February 7, 1997—March 9, 1997

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Based on the essay by Richard Selzer, the play examines a doctor’s struggle to decide if he should facilitate the death of a terminally ill patient.  By focusing on the dilemma of the doctor rather than the patient the play offers a point of departure from which to address larger ethical questions.  When is a person allowed to die and who is allowed to help?  Is the dying person’s word to be taken at face value or must it be analyzed by “objective” intervening agents?  And who is in control?  The play asks the audience to rethink traditional notions of the relative power of doctor and patient and to entertain the idea that quite possible the patient could be the manipulator and the doctor a mere instrument subject to another’s will.

Set Design Neil Patel
Costume Design Jess Goldstein
Lighting Design Michael Chybowski
Music & Sound Design David Van Tieghem
Stage Manager Charles Means
Casting Bernard Telsey Casting

with Christopher Burns, Veanne Cox, Doc Dogherty, Zach Grenier Juan Carlos Hernandez, Michael Kell, Stephen Spinella

View of the Dome

Text Theresa Rebeck
Direction Michael Mayer

September 13, 1996—October 20, 1996

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When Emma, an idealistic lawyer, gets involved in her friend’s campaign for the Senate, she falls prey to Washington, D.C. political players including her boyfriend the campaign manager and the ruthless campaign consultant.  To seek revenge, Emma manufactures the only story that would shock Puritanical America and shake the political powers: a sex scandal.  As her scheme spirals out of control, Emma finds herself the focus of congressional hearings, the poster child for the Religious Right, and the darling of the media.  Rebeck’s fast-paced, witty script packs a powerful political message this election year, giving us a view of Washington as insiders know it.

Scenic Design Neil Patel
Costume Design Michael Krass
Lighting Design Frances Aronson
Sound Design Darron L. West
Stage Manager Lisa Iacucci
Assistant Stage Manager Charles Means

with Jim Abele, Patrick Breen, Candy Buckley, Tom Riis Farrell, Julia Gibson, Dion Graham, Richard Poe