101 Humiliating Stories

Text and Performance Lisa Kron

June 10, 1994—July 2, 1994

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A richness of embarrassments. The lesbian Garrison Keillor explores humiliation as a tool for personal growth. Warning; may bring up childhood memories; you could bust a gut laughing.

Stage Manager Karen Odyniec
Festival Direction Christopher Grabowski
Production Manager George Xenos

Unfinished Stories

Text Sybille Pearson
Direction Gordon Dacidson
In association with the Center Theatre Group/Mark Taper Forum

February 4, 1994—March 14, 1994

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The fascinating story of one woman’s struggle to find her place within the generational conflict among the three men in her life.  This beautifully crafted play reveals how cataclysmic events of pre-war Nazi Germany reverberate within a modern New York City Jewish family.  The Old World values of the grandfather have not allowed him to understand his actor son who in turn, cannot comprehend his own twenty-something son.  A passionate investigation of the ties that blind.

Set Design Peter Wexler
Costume Design Gabriel Berry
Lighting Design Ken Billington
Sound Design Mark Bennett & Jon Gottlieb
Dramaturgy Leon Katz
Production Manager Susan R. White
Stage Manager Terrence J. Witter
Associate Set Design Randall Richards

with Christopher Collet, E. Katherine Kerr, Laurence Luckinbill and Joseph Wiseman

My Virginia

Text and Performance Darci Picoult
Direction Suzanne Shepard

March 20, 1994—April 16, 1994

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A deeply affecting and genuinely funny journey through the medical juggernaut of DES, an “anti-miscarriage” drug discovered to cause cancer. Picoult as journalist and DES daughter reveals the strength of mothers and daughters fighting together for their lives with guts, humor and love.

Lighting Design Trad A. Burns
Stage Manager Gerald Cosgrove

The Rez Sisters

Text Tomson Highway
Direction Linda Chapman and Muriel Miguel

December 12, 1993—January 16, 1994

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A portrait of life on the Wasaychigan Hill Indian Reserve, The Rez Sisters weaves traditional Native-American music and dance to tell the story of seven feisty women who risk it all to win the “Biggest Bingo in the World”.  You’ll join the cast in the evening’s Bingo game, and test your skills to win the cash jackpot of $20!

Set Design Anita Stewart
Costume Design Anne C. Patterson
Lighting Design Christopher Akerlind
Movement Consultant Louis Mofsie
Music Consultant Kevin Tarrant
Design Consultant Tom Singleton
Vocal Consultant Jim Cyrus
Production Manager Susan R. White
Stage Manager Deborah Ratelle

with Murielle Borst, Elvira Colorado, Hortensia Colorado, Lisa Mayo, Gloria Miguel, Muriel Miguel, Louis Mofsie, Kevin Tarrant and Sheila Tousey

Blown Sideways Through Life

Creator and Performer Claudia Shear
Direction Christopher Ashley

September 8, 1993—October 17, 1993

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This is not only the best one-person show in years but a fascinating, harrowing, hysterically funny play that suggests the scope and texture of Lilly Tomlin’s Signs of Intelligent Life.  Confrontational, angry, fed up by still fascinated by Life, Claudia Shear has created a wonderful roller coaster ride through every one of the sixty-five jobs she has held.  Every story is told with bewildered fascination.  Her dialogue is often soul-wrenchingly poetic without ever manipulating the audience’s emotions.  As directed by the remarkable Chris Ashley, the one-hour piece never lags.

Scenic Design Loy Arcenas
Costume Design Jess Goldstein
Lighting Design Christopher Akerlind
Sound Design Aural Fixation
Original Music Richard Peaslee
Choreography Nafisa Sharriff
Stage Manager Kate Broderick
Production Managers Susan R. White, George Xenos

The Medium

Conception and Direction Anne Bogart

May 4, 1994—June 19, 1994

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Based on the writings and theories of Marshall McLauhan, The Medium explores the effect of media and emerging technologies on our perceptions, our psyches and our personal lives.

Set Design Anita Stewart
Costume Design Gabriel Berry
Lighting Design Michitomo Shiohara
Soundscape Darron L West
Dramaturgy Gregory Gunter
Production Manager Susan R. White
Stage Manager Kieran Jason Hackett

with J. Ed Araiza, Will Bond, Ellen Lauren, Kelly Maurer, Tom Nelis