Punch Me in the Stomach

Text Deb Filler and Alison Summers
Direction Alison Summers

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Punch Me in the Stomach is a black comedy celebrating one family’s survival and ultimate triumph.  The play is a synthesis of Ms. Filler’s New York City experiences, her New Zealand background and her life as the child of an Auschwitz survivor.  Filled with childhood recollections and vivid family characterizations, Punch Me in the Stomach culminates with Ms. Filler’s father’s 65th birthday party when the far-flung Filler family reunites at the Auckland Sheraton for a night of potato pancakes, herring, ham (!) and memories.  Inspired by a recent trip with her father to several Eastern European concentration camps, Punch Me in the Stomach humorously explores how her father’s imprisonment, survival and resulting celebrity has colored Ms. Filler’s world.

Scenic Design George Xenos
Lighting Design Pat Dignan
Sound Design Mark Bennett
Stage Manager Thom Widmann

with Deb Filler

Lypsinka! A Day in the Life

Text and Performance John Epperson
Direction Michael Leeds
with Enrico Kuklafraninalli Puppets

March 20, 1992—April 19, 1992

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Lypsinka! A Day in the Life is an intimate-- and sometimes shocking-- glimpse into the charmed and ribald life of Lypsinka, the lip-syncing songstress universally-loved previously in the musical extravaganzas I Could Go On Lip-synching! and The Fabulous Lypsinka Show.  From sun-up to sundown, Lypsinka! A Day in the Life follows the star through an all-too-typical day of housecleaning, daydreaming, singing, dancing and talking on the telephone in an ultra-glamorous fashion, of course!  She even shares her secrets on diet, sex, sleep, exrcise and her much-sought-after beauty tips.

Scenic Design James Schuette
Costume Design Anthony Wong
Lighting Design Mark L. McCullough
Sound Design Mark Bennett and Jim Van Bergen
Puppet Maker Randy Carfagno
Stage Manager Kate Broderick
Production Manager George Xenos

Time Flies When You’re Alive

Text and Performance Paul Linke
Direction Mark W. Travis

February 19, 1992—March 8, 1992

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Paul Linke’s Time Flies When You're Alive is a one-man play-- part confession, part catharsis-- based on reminiscences of Linke’s wife, Francesca Draper, and her determination to overcome a fatal bout with breast cancer.  Time Flies When You're Alive chronicles Paul and Francesca’s ten year relationship, from the home birth of their three children, to Francesca’s embracement of non-traditional cancer treatments and her decision to die at home.  Time Flies When You're Alive grew out of a eulogy Paul delivered at Francesca’s memorial service into a personal journey to maintain dignity, emotional honesty and a sense of humor in the face of one of life’s greatest challenges.

Flag Design Anders Holmquist
Music Francesca Draper Linke
Lighting Design Pat Dignan
Sound Design Mark Bennett
Stage Manager Liz Dreyer
Production Manager George Xenos

Mad Forest

Text Caryl Churchill
American Premiere Direction Mark Wing-Davey

November 22, 1991—December 29, 1991

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Examining the stories of two families, Mad Forest portrays the experience of life in a police state.  Through sharp and often silent snapshots, the play evokes the Romanian mood: people sullenly waiting for meat, students nervously making anti-government jokes, someone suddenly muttering “down with Ceausesce”.

Scenic and Costume Design Marina Draghici
Lighting Design Christopher Akerlind
Sound Design Mark Bennett
Fight Direction David Leong
Dialect Coach Deborah Hecht
Stage Manager Thom Widmann
Production Manager George Xenos
Casting Wendy Ettinger
Dramaturgy Beth Schachter

with Rob Campbell, Randy Danson, Garrett Dillahunt, Lanny Flaherty, Calista Flockhart, Mary Mara, Christopher McCann, Tim Nelson, Mary Shultz, Joseph Siravo and Jake Weber