As it is in Heaven

Text Joe Sutton

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Scenic Design Richard Hoover
Costume Design Walker Hicklin
Lighting Design John Gisondi
Composition Wayne Horvitz
Casting Direction Ellen Novak
Stage Manager Virginia Addison

with Joanne Camp, Paul Collins, Stephen Harrison, Alan Scarfe, Kevin Spacey and Nealla Spano

A Narrow Bed

Text Ellen McLaughlin
Direction Sarah Ream

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Set Design Kate Edmunds
Costume Design Michael Krass
Lighting Design John Gisondi
Music Composition and Arrangement John Miller

with Beth Dixon, Gerg Germann, Christopher McCann, Kate McKillip and Debra Monk

Seventy Scenes of Halloween

Text Jeffrey Jones
Direction Michael Greif (with Des McAnuff and Anne Bogart, Advisors)

December 4, 1986—December 13, 1986

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Text Franz Xaver Kroetz
Translation Jack Gelber and Michael Roloff
Direction David Esbjornson (with JoAnne Akalaitis, Advisor)

November 6, 1986—November 15, 1986

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Text Deborah Pryor
Direction Valerie Knight (with Elinor Renfield, Advisor)

November 20, 1986—November 29, 1986

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Depicts a girl's journey into womanhood and the dark side of sexuality.

Scenic Design Loy Arcenas
Costume Design Catherine Zuber
Lighting Design David N. Weiss
Musical Direction Trudi Cohen
Stage Manager Suzanne Hauser
Casting Consultant Ellen Novack

with Becky Gelke, Gail Grate, Dennis Green, Anne Iange, Ken L. Marks, Stephen Spinella, Diane Tarleton and Tracy Thorne

The Dispute

Text Marivaux
Translation Daniel Gerould
Direction David Warren (with James Lapine, Advisor)

October 23, 1986—November 1, 1986

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