Playwright – Tony Kushner
Direction – Declan Donnellan
Production Design – Nick Ormerod
Lighting Design – Brian MacDevitt
Sound Design – Dan Moses Schreier
Movement Direction – Barbara Karger
Dramaturgy – Oskar Eustis, Mandy Mishell Hackett
Dialect Coaching – Deborah Hecht, Gillian Lane-Plescia
Production Stage Management – Martha Donaldson
Assistant Stage Management – Antonia Gianino

(in order of speaking):
The Homebody
Dr. Qari Shah
Mullah Ali Aftar Durranni
Milton Ceiling
Quango Twistleton
Priscilla Ceiling
A Munkrat
Khwaja Aziz Mondanabosh
Zai Garshi
The Marabout
A Border Guard

Linda Emond
Joseph Kamal
Firdous Bamji
Dylan Baker
Bill Camp
Kelly Hutchinson
Dariush Kashani
Yusef Bulos
Sean T. Krishnan
Rita Wolf
Sean T. Krishnan
Jay Charan







For A Munkrat: Jay Charan; for Milton Ceiling and Quango Twistleton: Edmund C. Davys; for Priscilla Ceiling: Autumn Dornfeld; for The Mullah: Joseph Kamal; for Khwaja Aziz Mondanabosh, Zai Garshi, The Marabout, Dr. Qari Shah, A Border Guard: Dariush Kashani; for The Homebody: Sybil Lines; for Mahala: Ching Valdes-Aran

Tony Kushner’s Homebody/Kabul was the story of a lonely London housewife, the Homebody, and the far-reaching effects of her fascination with Afghanistan, set off by an outdated guidebook. Set in 1998, and written long before “September 11th” and “Taliban” became part of our lexicon, Homebody/Kabul began with a forty-five minute monologue flawlessly performed by Linda Emond as the Homebody. After the Homebody disappears into Afghanistan, her husband and daughter desperately search for her, becoming ever more ensnared in a culture ripped apart by centuries of war and turmoil. Michael Kuchwara of the Associated Press called Homebody/Kabul, “an eerily prescient play [that] blazes with an intensity and commitment that define Kushner’s best work.” Declan Donnellan and his collaborator, designer Nick Ormerod, came from London to NYTW, bringing a global perspective to Kushner’s sweeping work. In The New York Observer, John Heilpern said, “I cannot think of a more important drama in the last decade. A magnificent achievement on a very challenging, deeply compassionate level.” With Homebody/Kabul, Tony Kushner continued a long relationship with New York Theatre Workshop, which dates back to 1986 when Kushner was an Artistic Associate; in 1994, NYTW presented Kushner’s play Slavs!.

First Performance: December 5, 2001
Opening Date: December 19, 2001
Closing Date: March 3, 2002


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